Holloway Educational Resources offers different college consulting services to help fit each student’s unique needs. The Comprehensive Package guides a student through the entire college application process, from start to finish, and the Hourly Consultation Services are for those who need help for only singular parts of the journey.

Firstly, I will help each student find a college that is a best fit for him or her, and by “best fit,” I mean a place where he or she can grow, thrive, and be as academically and personally successful as possible. Myriad characteristics factor into this decision, such as academics, geography, etc., but each student’s path is unique because each student is unique!

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I will guide and instruct each student on how to successfully navigate a major life decision. For many students, choosing a college will be their first paramount and forward-thinking decision, and my job is to teach them to follow and trust a process. Regardless of their final choice, a sound process means conducting thorough research, organizing that research in a useful manner, asking deeply introspective questions to determine where needs land in relation to the research, following guidelines and timelines appropriately, using that research and introspection to make priority-based decisions, and learning to live with rejection and acceptance. So, not only do I help each student find the college where he or she can be most successful, but I also teach him or her how to steer through a major life decision.

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