Matt Holloway Philosophy


Every student has a unique college path, and every student can find a place to be successful. Consequently, my job as an Independent Education Consultant is to find each student’s strengths and passions and to sculpt a college and career path out of those meaningful interests. More than anything, my job is to help a student find success. I…

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Holloway Services


Holloway Educational Resources offers different college consulting services to help fit each student’s unique needs. The Comprehensive Package guides a student through the entire college application process, from start to finish, and the Hourly Consultation Services are for those who need help for only singular parts of the journey. Firstly, I will help each student…

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Matt Holloway


Holloway Educational Resource’s mission is to provide insight and advice for students and families engaged in the college admissions process, ultimately teaching students how to be critical thinkers and life-long learners. In addition to being a college admissions consultant, I teach SAT/ACT prep classes at two therapeutic boarding schools and I continue to spend my time…

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