“Of the eleven schools to which our daughter applied, she was accepted to nine, including her first choice, The New School in New York. She also was offered between $10,000 and $100,000 in scholarships from four different schools!  Thank you so much for all your perspective, persistence, and patience throughout this process.  I don’t think she’d be in this luxurious situation without your help!  Definitely a story of hope and success for you to share with families in the same situation.”
– Steve P., Father
“Matt provided clarity for my college decision and helped me to make that decision knowing that it was what was best for me.  Once I got into my top choice school, Matt’s help was directly responsible for bringing its price down to a level that made it affordable for me and my family.  I’m happy to say that I’ll be going to Harvard because of Matt.”
 – Sam B., Harvard

“No one could have guided me through the college admissions process better than Matt.  His impressive and relevant insight not only made applications and interviews easier, but enjoyable. With his help, I was confident that my application and my essay were the best that they could be, and I knew that I had found colleges to apply to that really ‘fit’ me. When it finally came time to decide on a college, his personal, one-on-one guidance allowed me to make a choice I could be confident in, and I could not be more impressed by Matt’s professionalism and knack for understanding his students.”

– Bergen C., Scripps College 

“No one could have given me the guidance that Matt did. Matt’s experience helped make a potentially stressful experience very easygoing. I am very grateful for the help that Matt offered me in finding schools that fit my interests, and eventually helping me get into my dream school.”

– James L., Pitzer College

“Matt is an exceptional college consultant because he personalizes his work and deeply cares about the success of his students.  He helped me select colleges in a methodical and intentional way, and my essays were more focused and effective due to his experience as a published writer.  In addition, the personal relationships he has with his students allows him to understand their struggles and their strengths.  I can personally say that because of his friendship and professional guidance I am attending a college where I am extremely engaged and happy.

– Michael M., Skidmore College